Support the Big Ideas

The Big Ideas address major societal problems by leveraging Curry’s expertise and leadership in an interdisciplinary, strategic, and impactful way.

Annual Fund Giving

The Curry School is fueled by the generosity of annual contributions, which both enhance the educational experience for our students and increase the impact the School’s research and clinical practices have on the local community and the nation.

Autism Pathways

Developing a comprehensive, community-focused center to improve the lives of individuals and families affected by ASD. Curry, other schools at UVA, and service provider organizations will work together to achieve success through excellence in clinical service, training, and outreach; each built on a foundation of research and strengthened through regional partnerships.

Classroom Simulator

The Classroom Simulator helps Curry preservice teachers hone their skills in interacting with both students and parents.


Strategic initiatives provide evidence based solutions to issues that impede the educational journey. Curry faculty labs are the impetus of the research proven solutions.

Nudge4 Solutions Lab

The Nudge4 Solutions Lab develops scalable solutions to help individuals navigate critical junctures and complex decisions in education, employment, criminal justice, and the military.

Contemplation in 21st Century Learning

Curry is addressing 21st-century issues by working on methods to help students and teachers cope with classroom stress and providing teachers and children nationwide with evidence-based strategies to help foster a more compassionate, healthy, and educated citizenry.