Curry Students Give Innovate Visualize Engage (#CSGIVE) is a student led committee that partners with the Foundation to ensure every Curry student has a life-long connection with Curry.


Committee Objectives


  1. Enhance the Curry student experience
  2. Educate about Curry philanthropy
  3. Strengthen the tradition of giving
GivingToHoosDay is the University’s fun 24-hour day of giving. Last year, alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff and friends from around the world came together to celebrate the University and support their favorite areas of UVA. Giving ToHoos Day raised almost $2.4million.
Thank a Donor Day
On Tuesday, November 1 students had an opportunity to slow down. As we slipped into a season of thanksgiving, we decided to share our gratitude. At tables scattered across the South Lawn, we took a moment to thank those who allow our Curry School to not only function, but succeed. Armed with ink and a few words, we tried to convey our thanks on a small 4x6 card.

Despite the blank space, we couldn’t. Words fall short sometimes, a lesson we were reminded of last week. We can’t show you all that on a small card, so take us at our word: thank you.
Class Giving 2017
The Class Giving Campaign aims to engage 100% of the class of 2017 to give back to any area of the University that has impacted their experience. Tuition only covers 17% of the University’s operating budget. U.Va. runs on generous donations from students, families, and alumni. Class Giving lets you decide where your gift goes in the University.


To learn more about #CSGIVE or join the committee, please contact:

Carly Buckholz
Foundation Program & Research Assistant

Lora Henderson
Foundation Board Representative


The Curry School Foundation provides several scholarships for students. Click below for a full list of scholarships.